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From the day our brewery has been founded, we’ve strived for the preservation of an ever-lasting technique that
our forefather’s have taught us. With many great spirits not being able to sustain the level of quality that many strive for during mass
production, our brewery has always focused on the quality over quantity... a saké that can be enjoyed daily to those who appreciate
our flavors as it stands or to pair it with the next omakasé tasting menu whether its eastern or western cuisine. Gunma Izumi portrays a sake
with that of an angelic flavor with a lively accent to give your body a feel of harmonious euphoria. Gunma Izumi is an everyday joy.
“a generational sake that evolves within its cultural traditions...”


Product Information

established during third year of the Bunkyu Era – 1863
Founded near the vast resources of well water from the Akagiyama Mountains
and the local “sakamai” fields, Shimaoka-Shuzo uses an old technique that called
“kimoto-kei zukuri” while utilizing the perfect environment around them. more

  • Company Information
  • Company name

    Shimaoka Sake Brewery Co. Ltd.

  • Master Brewer

    Toshinori Shimaoka

  • Address

    2-375 Yura-cho, Ota-shi, Gunma, JAPAN

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  • TEL/ FAX

    +81 276(31)2432 / +81 276(31)7715

Shimaoka Sake Brewery